VF Valiant Bio

Having always wanted a 2 door, ended up coming to the consensus with the wife that the early Valiant hardtops looked awesome, the search began, and after looking at 2 door vs potential cheaper 4 door options in VF/VG and some 4 door VE's, the VF hardtop look won, and the Hardtop was purchased.

Was a long day, drove myself to the Canberra airport at 5 for a flight just after 6, got to brisbane for a 1h or more wait to get up to bundaberg, got there around 10:30am, met the guy in the car park, had a quick look over the car, and pretty well short of it falling appart in the carpark i had only bought a 1 way ticket, and it would have had to be pretty bad to have walked away, turned out to be as described, and all good, then began the epic long drive home, drove Bundaberg to Narromine and stayed at my sister's place the next morning at 2am, then finished the drive Narromine to Canberra the next day after a little bit of a sleep in and some breakfast.
The car ran great all the way, only issue really was that it got a bit hot, and was detonating a bit (even though i did ask if it ran hot at all, standard answer, nah mate its all good, no problems)

Stopped for dinner and a beverage at the Crossroads pub in QLD and got chatting to a few truckies a the bar and ended up donating a beer for a shifter so i could have a play with the timing a bit to get it running cooler, (i had tried the last 2 or 3 servo's i had passed for some cheap spanners or a shifter etc and had zero hit rate)
Anyway it helped, but there was a bit of rough running for a hundred or so km after one adjustment, turns out that i'd bumped off a plug lead and we had been running on 5 since, oops.
Only other drama was the non working fuel gauge i wasn't told about, thank fuck i went to the first servo i saw after pickup and "topped it uP' yeah it would have barely had half a tank, and it was reading full, turns out it reads full untill you have about 20L left, then it starts being erratic, and eventually settles down close to E when there is about 15L or less.

Had a great cruise, has managed to be trouble free, other than hard starting cold, and a bit of a miss and cough, but that's to be expected with carburettors and points, 

Current plans are to convert to EFI and get rid of both of those issues, and the rest is TBA.

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