Tech Info
- LS1 (5.7L) from a VY SS commodore wagon
- T56, 6 speed manual
- ACT twin plate clutch (T2S-G01)
- Cam specs
LS1 3722R/3724R HR112 +2
Cam Specs Int Exh
Advertised Duration 273 277
Dur@.050 224 228 Lobe Seperation 112.0
Lift .581 .588
224/228 .581/.588 LSA 112
- Patriot gold double valve springs
- Alpha-N tune, (tps based mafless tune)
- Makes 265rwkw  (355rwhp)
- Shortened R31 Skyline diff, with 28 spline axles, 3.9:1 rear ratio, mini spooled, disk brakes.
- 3/4 Chassis  (stemmed from having to cut out and replace the original rails anyway due to rust)
-  60L RCI alloy fuel cell, walbro 255 inline pump, 3L surge tank
- custom gauges from (
-  Front seats from a 300ZX nissan.
- Alloy Radiator from ARE cooling. (
- 3" tailshaft made to length with 1310 uni's
- Adjustable upper trailing arms from mcdonalds brothers racing (after the old standard ones folded at their ends and ejected my tailshaft in 3 pieces in the burnout finals at summernats)
- Power steering conversion using parts from a VS and VL commodore (car was originally manual R&P and no power steer option was available)
- Modified VY SS commodore extractors, passenger side requred minimal mods, drivers side was completely re-routed from above the first merge, into twin 2.5" exhaust, 4x 12" straight through mufflers, 2 before and 2 after diff.
-  king springs all around, fronts are a custom spring rate (~100 lbs/in stiffer for memory) with some adapted koni red adjustable shocks.
- 15x7 and 15x8 Riddler Draglite copys.
- paint is 2k Alice Chalmers Orange/International Orange.
Future Mods
* finishing the interior, going a cream/tan theme at this stage, but it will be a while off,
*one day stepping up to a larger cam/head package chasing the 300rwkw or so, either just under or just over would be nice.
*front brake upgrade, although with the R31 diff giving it 4 wheel discs it pulls up pretty well.
* fiberglass bonnet (already have a mould for it)
*heavier sway bars front and rear
*new rear shocks

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