Summernats 2010 Preparation

Rightio this page will hold all the re-assembly pictures of the car, will basically just keep adding pictures as i progress with the putting back together of the car, with a few words here and there pretty much, 
Got the engine/box installed and bolted up last night, thanks to Keith and Matt (Pig) for lending a hand with that, also Matt is going to sort my brake line to the diff and T piece out so that i can re-connect the rear lines etc, so thats one less thing to worry about chasing down, 

I've got new carpet ready to go in after a little bit more is done inside the car, waiting for the new headlining to show up in the mail still, hope it gets here in the next few days, other than that im just going to tackle one area each eveining untill its all complete and back together, 

Main focus will be getting the car to a running stage so i can test out the new gearbox, (C4 auto, full manual reverse pattern shift), and make sure the diff functions as it should etc.

anyway enough words, here are pics

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