LS1 Centura

Made a heap more progress, my clutch finally got shipped on the 2nd of Nov, i bought the mongrel of a thing 22nd Sept, gave up waiting and stuck the original clutch back in (then the new ACT twin disc got shipped a few days later)

still trying to decide if i'll do a quick motor pull when it arrives, or just get it all connected and up and running to iron out the bugs, then do a motor pull in a few weeks/months, after i kill the stock clutch.... decisions

anyway, thus far, had a mongrel of a time flying solo rebuilding the exhaust system to suit, mainly the extractor on the drivers side, got it all sorted, then the bastard moved 10mm at the flange when i did the final welds, had to cut it and do it again, but all worked out in the end,

had to move the sway bar TWICE, it was a bastard, moved it to clear the bellhousing/sump area, got it all sorted, rebuilt the drivers header, went to move onto the passenger side one, and it wouldnt fit with the minimal modifications that i had envisaged from a earlier trial fit, it was the sway bar being in the way, so i moved it agian, back to its old Clevo position but 35mm spaced down, modified the passenger extractor and all good, had to cut the balance pipe out of the old twin 2.5" system and move it backwards due to the new gearbox crossmember being in the way. 
then connected up the pipes to their respective sides.

also shortened the tailshaft, got it within less than 0.005" of runout, 

\plumbed up the radiator, standard VY top hose fit with no problems, lower pipe crossover from the donor car screwed straight to the front crossmember, had to knock up a quick reducer with 90deg bend to go from bottom radiator outlet to commy hose, 

installed this sexy looking lokar throttle cable and bracket, had to grind the accelerator pedal a little to accept the pedal end fitting, was about 2mm over all removed to make it fit, wife gave me a hand to adjust the cable, pedal feels the best it ever has

And yet to be installed, we have MEGA MUFFLER, i think for some more regular street duties it needs to be ALOT quieter, so we have this big beast, its a 3" straight through, i'll merge the twin system into it

a pile of goodies i got from Aushose, Fyshwick, In Canberra (free plug) new fuel line, 2 fittings brazed on to the steel hardlines so i could run a short piece of high pressure flex/hydraulic line, and got a new fitting crimped on that too, managed to recycle the high pressure line from the clevo setup there too, got the rest of the pushlock fittings for fuel system, and a piece of tube to re-make clutch line.

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