KC Centura Bio

Well after screwing around with the LTD with a few years, it was decided that i needed a fun car, so to speak, something that i didnt drive every day, and something that it wouldnt matter if it was broken down and i could just fix it when i could afford it, so after a bit of searching around for things like cortinas and what not, aiming for a small car, i made the call to a relative that had this centura since new, and they still had it sitting there on the farm in central VIC, so we came to a price which was more or less the same price we agreed on about 4 years ago when i was looking to replace my XF that i had at the time.

I was waiting for payment for the turbo setup i sold off the LTD so i wrangled up some cash (thanks to charles) to fill in the gap between turbo kit payment, borrowed a mates car trailer and went for the 800km or so drive to go pick the centura up.

about the only interesting thing to note from that trip was loosing the car trailer on a back road on the way there with grandpa at a speed that i consider nice cruising speed :)
Basically hit a big dip in the road that didnt look so bad from a distance, but it was enough to bottom out the rear of the car and pop the handle of the trailer, which in turn made the mongrel pop off the ball, it went up, and on the way down broke the bolt that was holding the chain to the tow bar, and from that point i said SHIT several times and various other words while staring in the rear view mirror, grandpa said "what was that", i said "the fuckin trailer just fell off", then he said "Go go", hahaha, i continued to watch the trailer in the rear view mirror sail off the road, taking out 2 or 3 guide posts on the way, then still gradually heading for a fence and open paddock, it started going up the table drain, and did a 45degree kick back towards the road, then continued to zip straight across about 300m behind the car at this stage, accross a T intersection, and into the corner of a plowed paddock that just happed to have the fence removed already for getting the tractor in and out i assume, 
Had a few helpfull guys pull up in caravans that were coming the other way, and they gave a hand to hook the trailer up to a chain and tow it out back to front, assess damage, which there was none supprisingly, only a dent in the toolbox where a guide post was knocked out.
so we hooked back on, put some wire through the lock hole on the trailer handle so the mongrel couldnt move even if it wanted to, and continued on the trip to go pick up the Centura, thank fuck we had not got the car yet, although i suspect the weight would have kept the trailer on the tow ball.

That is probably one of the few pics i have taken so far of the car, i havent done anything to it yet appart from getting it past a roadworthy to swap the rego into my name, 

Got another grille, had dramas with an supposed LSD swap, getting accustomed to the warm hemi hard starting, with the starter being so close to the extractors, coming to the realisation that these cars were built when there was no traffic, hence it doesnt really like sitting in traffic at all, dont know the exact temps but 3/4 on a factory gauge makes me nervous, hasnt hurt it though.

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