As much as i would like to do a bit more crossbreeding in the latest build, i have decided to stick with the slant 6 and get it up with the times a bit and get some EFI action going, plan is to go 6 coils, and multipoint injection, i will convert the stock manifold to multipoint, and i will use Megasquirt as the ECU.
Basic rundown

- Megasquirt ECU (Thanks Phil) with MS2 daughter card, built and all required mods done for my setup, PWM upgrade for idle, spark A, B, C for the 6 coil waste spark, and VR sensor in for the trigger wheel.
- EL/EF falcon throttle body
- 36-1 trigger wheel with bosch EF falcon sensor sensor.
- 6x LS2 coils
- walbro 255 in tank pump, modified stock tank to accept XH falcon ute internals
- corvette filter/rego combo
- 600cc Siemens DEKA injectors

So i started with a 36-1 wheel i purchased years ago for a 351 Clevo upgrade, a lump of alloy bar stock, and the balancer off the motor, took a handfull of measurements and started making things fit.

Had to enlarge the center bore of the trigger wheel to over 85mm to clear the timing case/front seal area, (ended up around about 92mm)

opening up the center bore of the trigger wheel

Getting the spacer/adapter into shape

This is what it ended up looking like, if i remember i will take measurements of what i made and put them here.

This wasn't quite the final fit, the bore in the center was taken out 4 or 5mm more to allow adequate clearance for the timing case/oil seal

Sitting on the balancer

Clamped down in the mill to drill and tap the mounting holes.

Balancer installed back on the car, need to buy some countersunk allen head bolts, the screws were all i could find for a temp mount, had a hard time finding a bolt in my collection that was the right thread to pull the balancer back on. 

And this is as far as i have got with the sensor mount so far, thinking that i'll drill/tap the piece of bar, and tidy it up a bit, then i'll weld it to the timing case, should be sturdy enough, only real concern is if i change gaskets how much this will change the sensor position, not really many alternate locations either....

Did some work modding the stock tank




Rolled up a throttlebody elbow



website updates are few and far between these days, i still spend time on the cars, here's a good example of that ;)

so i turbo'd the slant,
worked well with the EFI conversion, easy to add forced induction, basically
- RX7 series 5 turbo that i got from a mate real cheap
- BA falcon intercooler
- 2.5" exhaust

i set this all up on the original motor (Will get it all with pics below), ran it like that for a while but it had always been a bit down on power/stumble off idle, etc, looked further into that and found that the motor had a badly burnt valve, 

number 6 being the offender

So yes they will run like that, just not awesome

A friend was nice enough to donate me a runner slant that he pulled out for a conversion and had been sitting around for a while, ended up giving it a once over/full tear down, ended up pulling both motors down, my original motor had badly scored bearings, glazed bores, etc etc, so it was due for something to be done anyway.
- left the cam
- bearings were good
- broke a ring so ended up installing newies
- found out the hard way late and early cranks do not have the same crank flange spigot at the rear, had to do a quick crank swap the same night that i was due to install the whole situation back into the car, had a few friends over that were keen to get it done so i whipped it out, gave the other crank a once over and dropped it in, re-sealed everything and dropped it in the bay again.
- baffled the stock sump to keep the oil around the pickup under braking (not that it brakes like a modern car, but it stops ok)

Pic of it on the stand with the new coil bracket

Baffled sump



Managed to slip an EFI pic in here, it did all kind of happen over the same 4 week period

Dump Pipe

Fittings ready for a oil feed line

Making the feed and drain flanges out of some 10mm plate

J pipe goodness

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